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fly - stay - eat Spitzerberg

The excep­tio­nal­ly warm and dry cli­ma­te of the regi­on is ide­al for sport­ing acti­vi­ties, the near­by, impres­si­ve Roman town of Car­in­thia is an invi­ta­ti­on for tho­se inte­res­ted in histo­ry, the near­by Natio­nal parks Donau­Au­en” or Neu­sied­ler­see” are real natu­re expe­ri­en­ces, and the uni­que ther­mal con­di­ti­ons are of cour­se ide­al for the fasci­na­ti­on of (sail)plaining. Only 40 minu­tes away from Vien­na (cent­re), at the foot of the Spit­zer­berg, which is neither poin­ted nor a real moun­tain with its 302 met­res, you are in arri­ve com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent world.

Flight operations at the Spitzerberg airfield are active!

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Air Sports Centre

The Spit­zer­berg air sport cen­ter is a para­di­se for gli­ders and moto­ri­sed air­craft enthu­si­asts — the dream of fly­ing has been lived here sin­ce 1929. The Spit­zer­berg its­elf may only be 302 met­res high, but the ther­mal con­di­ti­ons as well as the loca­ti­on bet­ween the Alps and the Klei­nen Kar­pa­ten are ide­al for both aspi­ring and expe­ri­en­ced pilots.

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Hotel Spitzerberg

Whe­ther you like to fly yours­elf or watch the hob­by pilots taking advan­ta­ge of the uni­que ther­mal con­di­ti­ons of the Spit­zer­berg, whe­ther you want to be acti­ve in sports or sim­ply enjoy the moment, whe­ther you are here on busi­ness or plea­su­re: you will feel at home at the Hotel Spit­zer­berg. In the faithful­ly reno­va­ted, for­mer sail­ors’ home, you will feel the charm of the 1930s. In the 32 rooms and 9 apart­ments, you can enjoy sty­lish fur­nis­hings and every con­tem­po­ra­ry com­fort. The hotel is not only a spe­cial tre­at for avia­ti­on enthu­si­asts, but also offers all guests an inspi­ring geta­way in the beau­tiful hil­ly regi­on bet­ween the Klei­nen Kar­pa­ten” and the Alps.

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Restaurant Icarus

Take a seat, enjoy the view from the invi­ting ter­race over the air­field and up to the Spit­zer­berg — that is the simp­le reci­pe for good times. Hear­ty hos­pi­ta­li­ty and fresh, down-to-earth cui­sine go hand in hand in the restau­rant Ica­rus”: from the cup of cof­fee to a big celebration.

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Unique Conference-Location

Anyo­ne loo­king for some­thing spe­cial for team buil­dings, incen­ti­ves or semi­nars can expe­ri­ence real flights to the heights” at Spit­zer­berg — lite­ral­ly and figu­ra­tively. A light-floo­ded semi­nar room and a varie­ty of pos­si­ble acti­vi­ties ensu­re unfor­gettable days.

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